E1: Should cracking of the IAS exam by a Rickshaw Puller’s child be newsworthy?

  1. The day such instances become very common: This day would occur when the success of these kids becomes a routine. i.e., the number of such instances becomes so huge that we consider it normal. That day would come when there is an end to resource inequity. We know that wealthier people have access to better resources and facilities, so their probability of success is higher and this needs to change.
  2. The day we treat every job with respect: Currently, the news of a rickshaw puller’s kid’s success seems newsworthy because it’s our general notion that these people don’t succeed, and it comes as a surprise that they actually made it. Despite our teachers and parents introducing the concept of dignity of labor early in our childhood, the concept faded when statements like, “If you do not study well, you will become this/that” were passed. This cultivated a habit of looking down on work performed by few people since childhood. The story is quite different in developed nations!
  1. India celebrated 75th Independence Day on 15th August 2021, but 2022 will be the 75th Year of Independence
  2. Cracking the IAS exam is an example of one of the many ways to succeed.


  1. You like me as a person, or like my writing or like my thoughts and want to follow them — Hoping this would be the reason :)
  2. You hate me as a person, or hate my writing or hate my thoughts and want to correct, critic, or argue with them- Will try to make myself likeable through my writing :)



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